social security and medicare

As a doctor and son from a middle class family, I know that seniors count on Medicare and Social Security. They’ve worked hard to build our great nation and we must keep our commitment to them. I do not support any bill or changes that would affect those near retirement age.  I believe we need to protect Social Security and Medicare and make sure they are around for future generations.


The American people have lost their trust in the career politicians of Washington D.C. to finally secure our border. I believe it is the first job of the federal government to keep us safe, and securing our borders must be the first priority of any immigration plan. Therefore, I support President Trump’s agenda to create a secure border and immigration system that attracts the best and brightest from other countries while always putting the safety of America first.


When I graduated from medical school, I took the Hippocratic Oath in which I pledged to never perform, assist or support an abortion. This is an oath I have not only taken, but have lived by every day. I am staunchly pro-life. I know that we have the moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable in our society – our unborn children. I will fiercely defend the right to life in Congress.

Second Amendment

The extremists on the left in Washington believe that infringing on law abiding citizens’ rights is an answer to end violence. I believe the opposite to be true. Instead, we should increase mandatory minimums for those who use guns to commit crimes, we should focus on the funding and structure of our current mental health system and we should make securing our schools the top priority. We can do all of this without taking away the rights of sportsmen, hunters, and those who choose to protect themselves and their families with a firearm. I am a fierce advocate for the second amendment.


For too long our previous Commander-in-Chief was content with seeing our military weakened and our standing in the world deteriorate. That time is over. I am glad we now have a President who knows the greatest way to achieve peace is through strength and the value of a strong military. As a Congressman, I will be a strong advocate for our military and protect our installations such as Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) which supports our brave men and women defending our freedoms.  I will not rest until those in uniform are paid a salary commensurate with their service.


It’s not enough to just take care of those who are serving us today. We have an obligation, and a duty, to take care of those who have formerly served our great nation. My wife is a Navy veteran and I myself previously worked at Portsmouth Naval Hospital as well as the Altoona VA Hospital, I know firsthand of the sacrifice these brave men and women make day in and day out.  The VA system is failing our veterans who deserve to get the care they need. In Congress, I will fight every day to make the system better and to make sure our veterans get the best possible care they deserve. I believe that any veteran should be able to walk into any hospital and get the care they deserve. 


You don’t have to be a doctor to know that Obamacare is a failure while it puts career politicians and special interests ahead of the needs of the American people. If elected to Congress, I will finish what President Trump has started and fight to dismantle Obamacare completely. We need a system that relies on the private sector and that doesn’t artificially inflate the market with subsidies that only increase prices. We need a replacement system that is built around the patient, putting them first.


Strengthening our transportation system should be a top priority for our federal government. I believe we must invest in roads, bridges, ports, and airports and that the federal government is poised to bring public and private investment together. We need to incentivize the private sector to invest and join us in building a 21st century transportation system that leverages state, local, federal, and private money. But one thing that I cannot support is increasing the gas tax. Pennsylvania already has the highest gas tax in the nation– we cannot possibly add more of a burden to our drivers.

Job Creation

Job creation and a thriving economy are imperative to moving our country in the right direction. There is no doubt that President Trump’s historic tax reform has strengthened our economy and allowed American taxpayers to keep more of their money. We need to continue our economic momentum by focusing on three key aspects; getting government spending under control, ending useless regulations, and doing a second round of tax relief for the American workers. We also must make the individual tax relief permanent – so that taxpayers can have the same sort of predictability that we have afforded job creators. 

Ending The Grip of Special Interests

Special interests in Washington DC have enough influence over members of Congress – I am running to represent the people of the 13th Congressional District.  I believe we must put into place common sense reforms in order to make the system work for the people again – including making sure Congress lives under the same rules as the rest of us.